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Year 7: Good Reads

Alex Rider: Ark Angel

By Anthony Horowitz

Ark Angel is a fascinating adventure book that I'd recommend to every Year 6 moving in to Year 7. It's genius.

This book excels at everything, but one of the best things about it are the way it builds suspense and keeps you thinking, as well as the way in which it is able to describe the characters feelings. Apart from that, the unimaginable series of events that occur to the main character to keep himself and the world alive will leave you hanging on the edge and pleading for more. This is why this book will engage every single child that reads it and I highly recommend it.

Miguel A, Year 7

Letters from the Lighthouse

By Emma Carroll

My favourite book from this summer was probably ‘Letters from the Lighthouse.’ It is set in World War II and is a fascinating adventure story. The main characters are two siblings named Olive and Cliff, a brother and sister evacuated from London to Devon. Their father died as a soldier and the oldest sister, Sukie, went missing in an air raid.

I loved this book because the plot is very interesting and it is an exceptional page-turner. Although, something I didn't like was that the author didn't explain as much as I would've liked. I think it would have been very helpful to have more description in certain parts of the story.

Personally, I would recommend this book to young readers around the ages 9-13. This novel is written by Emma Carroll and is one of many of her best-sellers. She is a multi-award winner and a great author. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I hope you read it and enjoy it too.

Hélène B, Year 7

The Last Wild

By Piers Torday This summer I read an amazing book called ‘The Last Wild’, an extraordinary page turner by Piers Torday. The book has a main character whose name is Kester who is on a dangerous mission, coming across many unwanted guests in his path.

This story is about him attempting to save all the animals from extinction. It starts when he is gifted the power to talk to animals in their tongue. However, the consequences are that he losing his human tongue and can’t understand or speak it.

On the journey a stag and a few more animals accompany him and they meet a girl called Polly, who is ready to help them. Time is running out and people want to eliminate the animals, so Kester and Polly fight for their survival. They finally get to Kester’s dad after many problems to find out if he has found a cure fro Red Eye…. It is a very interesting book and I recommend it to all ages. Anyone with a love for action, adventure and mystery genres, this is your perfect book. 4.9/5 is my honest rating, for indeed there is always room for improvement. Make sure you check out the rest of the awesome action-packed series of worded wonders.

By Aanay S, Year 7

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