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Top Holiday Destinations - Olivia D.

Are you struggling on the perfect place for the summer holidays? Well if you are, this is the holiday guide for you! This guide, provides information about amazing places you should think about visiting in the summer, each place unique in its own way and bound to make this holiday memorable!


Firstly, of course, the incredible country of Croatia! This place will enchant you with its emerald beaches, bars and views! The beaches in Split and Dubrovnik are so stunning. In Croatia, you will see many people eating the national food, Zagorski štrukli, pastries filled with cottage cheese! Croatia is so full of historical sites and adventures! In this paradise, there are so many National parks, zoos, historic buildings which are worth every penny of the entrance fee. I mean...... who would not love lying sunbathing with a refreshing drink? If you decide on Croatia, new food and traditions are coming your way!


OF COURSE HAWAII IS HERE ON THIS LIST! Hawaii is so culturally diverse and amazing! This heaven is beach perfect all year around! If you choose Hawaii, their national food Saimin, a delicious noodle soup, and their spectacular world famous drink, the mai tai (virgin of course) are waiting for you! You can attend the Polynesian Cultural Centre, National Parks and enjoy the taste of freedom on their beaches, the waters of which are so clear, you can see the sand under the water. There are so many ancient traditions that you could have a chance to experience, breathtaking monuments and views, as well as a unique style of music to dance the night away to. Hawaii is so relaxing! And beautiful!

The Maldives!

How can someone explain the beauty of the Maldives?! It’s everything you could ask for: traditional, unique, adventurous and so much more! The Maldives beaches are stunning, and please do not ever forget that there are PIGS swimming with you on some of the beaches! You should also try this paradise’s national food, Gulha, spicy tuna dumplings, and the national drink, Raa, a sweet coconut drink! This place has so many different and extravagant resorts that are in the middle of nowhere! An entire island for yourself? Make sure you don’t miss out on Ithaa, the undersea restaurant! National parks, local traditions , and exciting new sensory realities! Come to the Maldives for an experience that you will never forget.

Olivia D.

Year 7

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