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The New Headquarters of Sport at Runnymede

The new Sports Auditorium opened last week on Tuesday, when our volleyball team played there for the first time. They enjoyed their game enormously and were very thankful for the new facilities. The building started its construction in Autumn 2019, (though the works were postponed due to confinement) and finished end of February 2021.

The new building will be used for theatre and sports. It includes: a full changing room, with showers, changing stalls and bag holders and outside of the building there is: a sprint track, a long/triple/high jump pits/mats and throws (e.g. shotput).

When I asked how the new building was to our Team Runnymede volleyball player Marina Álvarez Del Arco quoted “ It is amazing to be able to play volleyball in this new facililty. We played our first match after Half Term against San Patricio in the new auditorium and it was amazing!” and another team player quoted “Thank you Ms Julia Powell and Mr Powell for giving us this fantastic new building!”.

The Team Runnymede sport teams can now organise home matches, instead of being greeted as guests in the opposite teams home ground. The building can be used for PE trainings, a bit of Athletics and inside football if you have the right shoes.

Everybody......... the new building is OPEN!

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