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The Case for Vaccinations

Vaccinations: some people are terrified of having vaccinations, but I ask them is it not more terrifying to encourage illness and pandemics? When I was young, I used to be one of those terrified little kids, but I soon understood that they were necessary. These days, over 31.6 million doses of the COVID vaccine are being given every day, mostly thanks to the researchers who assure us that despite their imperfections, vaccines are highly recommended. Even after having seen this, it is incomprehensible that millions of people are still not getting vaccinated. So how do vaccines really help us?

Whilst it is understandable that people may be a little scared of these scary sharp serums, which might look really unpleasant, appearances are deceiving. They are really no more than a small needle, harmless to us humans. What happens inside our bodies is actually that antibodies are formed. Of course, it does not make you fully safe from illness, but it does reduce the chance of ending up in intensive care, far from your family. I would imagine that none of you would want that. Furthermore, we can see the effect on the population with and without the vaccine. A few years back, Europe experienced tuberculoses, which decimated the populations of various countries. With the development of vaccines, that was no longer the case, to the point which vaccines are now not compulsory for all citizens in England. Despite some of the rebels who are yet to understand the danger of not getting vaccinated, over 5.85 billion doses have been given worldwide, which is good news.

You can also think about it in another way. Without the vaccines, lots of your liberty would be taken away. Many countries will not allow the unvaccinated to enter, and who knows, you might not be able to even enter a restaurant without a Covid vaccine soon. A small fear might cost you the liberty of seeing your friends and families, going to other countries, or even just having fun. It's clear for all to see that vaccines are our only remedy. I implore you to act now! Get a vaccination.

Tanish A, Year 11

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