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Runnymede's Reforestation Efforts!

Reforestation is crucial now more than ever because we are currently cutting down 15 billion trees a year, and at least partly as a result, we are losing 50,000 animal species a year and have higher concentrations of carbon dioxide than ever. Trees are the lungs of our world and we are cutting them down without taking account any of the consequences and now the problem is too big for us to ignore it.

The Green team, guided by Mr Baskett, have come together to help the school become a greener environment. In recent weeks, they set up fundraisers to raise money and awareness so that we can help plant trees and encourage students to be aware of what is going on at the same time. They have presented presentations about reforestation for Junior School and Senior School alike and many students are becoming increasingly attentive to recycling, not wasting water and much more. The Green Team have also created an account on ‘Plant for the planet’ where trees have been donated to countries in need of them, in Spain and in the school itself! They have put so much work and effort into making all this a possibility in this school, spending break times in meetings and time at home to make posters and presentations, and this has all paid off as we have currently planted 252 trees in projects in Borneo, Brazil and Uganda and are set to plant another 51 in Doñana National Park in Spain. Together we will create a greener and healthier environment for students, teachers and staff, parents and, in doing so, benefit the planet.

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