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Kubuka Pen Pals

After the Christmas holidays, Year 7 received Christmas cards from Kubuka students. The Year 7s were asked to go to the gym and weren’t expecting anything important.

Each pupil felt touched when they each got there and were given a card addressed to them and in return given the opportunity to make a card for them. The cards could be how you wanted. Some decided to print images, draw, be crafty and a couple of people even decided to send a pencil remembering the speech that some Year 6 students recited during the Christmas concert.

Every card contained a letter with some information about the student and a big thank you for the wonderful cards.

As I was doing my card I felt so happy, as if I had known this boy for a couple of years. As we read the cards, the forms of the students at the Malota School were mentioned and we realised that many children from the ages 11 to 14 were in the same class! This shocked many of us and we couldn’t help but feel grateful for being in this school and also realise that maybe they could support Kubuka even more by raising more money.

Year 7 found the activity amazing and many would like to repeat it more than once.

Olympia B.B (7O)

You can read more about the work Kubuka does here.

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