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Is Kindness the Secret to Success

Kindness, it is a vital quality we all must learn to apply in all aspects of our life

to be successful. It isn't, however, the KEY to success. The key to success

isn't a single thing or quality.

You can be successful by possessing many different virtues or 'combinations'

of personality traits. For example, an extrovert that respects others and is

studious, can thrive. An introvert, who is respectful, diligent and patient can

thrive. An ambitious person who is curious, insistent and creative can thrive.

The list is never-ending, for there are an infinite amount of people in the past,

present or future who have thrived, are thriving or will thrive; as long as they

exhibit their best traits.

I believe the key to success, if there should be one, is knowing who you are

and what you are, knowing yourself to the extent where you are aware of your

abilities and weaknesses, using your strengths to obtain the best version of

yourself there can be.

This concept is frequently misinterpreted thanks to society's expectations,

limits and preferences. Adapting and being the best version of you you can be

is neither being the person others want you to be, or someone you want to be,

but aren't.

Image By Dcpeopleandeventsof2017 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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