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Investigating Microclimates

What are Microclimates?

A Microclimate is a climate is that is in an small area and is different to the surrounding climate. The year 7's investigated the Microclimates around different areas of the school.

How did we investigate the microclimates?

Equipment: The school provided us with the equipment necessary other than a wind vane, which we made ourselves at home. Each student had a booklet with a map.We found the location on the map, and we went there to investigate the microclimate. We recorder our results in the booklet.

COVID Protocols:

While carrying out the investigation, covid protocols were taken into account and all the material was disinfected before and after the investigation. We did it one class at a time and we worked in small groups.

What did the year 7's think?

Hear are some thoughts about this lesson from the year 7's:

"It was very interesting as we could try something new."

"We could do a real experiment and explore the school in a new way."

"I was thrilled to be able to investigate something with proper equipment and be outside."

Mia Grin Y7

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