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Interviewing Mr White

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

What did you study, where and why?

I studied Maths and Sciences; physics and chemistry at the University of Birmingham in the UK. I mainly studied that because when I left school I didn’t know whether I wanted to do just Physics or just Chemistry so I found a degree where I could do both.

Why did you decide to move to Spain and apply to Runnymede?

I applied to Runnymede during the pandemic like lots of people, as when you have 18 months of no travel you have a bigger desire to experience new things and visit new places. I visited Spain as a tourist but it is a very different experience to when you live here.

What are your first impressions?

Runnymede is very nice. I enjoy my classroom and my classes. I have some very wonderful colleagues which I think is important when you move to a new city where you don’t know anyone.

Do you speak Spanish or any other languages?

I speak very little Spanish and I’m taking lessons twice a week at the moment to improve but it is the language I speak most other than English.

Where have you visited so far and what are your plans for the half term?

So far I have been to Barcelona for a weekend but I’m not sure what I will be doing during half-term.

Getting personal now - tell us about yourself- what are your hobbies?

In the UK I used to row as a student but since I left university and started working, I haven’t had as much time and have mainly been cycling and hiking.

Recommend a book, podcast, documentary, series, film, theatre show or event that we should read, watch or attend.

I would recommend a book called “Grit” by Angela Duckworth. It is a book about why successful people have become successful. It is explained in quite a useful way rather than in a business-like, pretentious way.

Who do you follow on social media and why?

I follow my friends so that I know what they are up to.

Let’s not forget about the environment - what’s your top tip for a greener, more sustainable world?

Use public transport more and fly less.

Sofia P and Gabriela P-H, Year 11

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