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Fundiacion Unblock - Charity

Fundación Unblock is the charity that Runnymede has chosen to support this year. Fundación Unblock aims to offer children who have gone to prison psychological help and a safe place to be reintroduced to society upon their release. The charity primarily helps those who are showing signs of aggression and who may be heading towards a complicated future by providing them with coached sessions, therapists and their objective is to find and fix the root cause of behavioural problems to truly improve their lives in the long term. Runnymede wants to raise money and support for this charity as they need funds to help these youths find suitable homes, to hire more family therapists and finance programmes such as 2Round Coaching Box: a programme which focuses on encouraging the children to do physical activity twice a week and receive educational support as well as therapy sessions and leisure programmes for personal development.

Last term, the Pupil Leadership Team organised multiple fundraising events for the charity, including: the Halloween party for years 4 to 6, the cross country for the senior school pupils and teachers, and the whole school bake sale. As well as these events, money has also been raised through the second hand uniform sale, and the vending machine for the sixth form students. In total, the school managed to raise 8968.47€ for Fundación Unblock. We look forward to raising even more in our upcoming event on Valentine’s Day.

The link to the charity’s website has been copied below for more information and any donations can be made through the school or through the charity’s website.

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