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Experiencing Senior School

Year 7 students reflect on the move from Junior to Senior School 

I had always felt excited about going to the Senior School because I saw seniors walking to their classes and that told me that they had responsibility and weren’t children anymore. My brother and sister had told me all about it, my older cousins too. 

Nevertheless, school life from Junior to Senior is a big change. Yet over the weeks, you quickly get used to it. It’s strange how after you have stayed in the same room with the same teacher, suddenly you don’t  stay in the same class and you don’t have your own teacher, so you have to remember where the classes are, the teachers' names,  and all your equipment!

On a positive note, now that we are in different classes, we can spend more time with our friends because now we don't only see them in the playground, but also in class. It makes us know people better.

​Maya M, Year 7 

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