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Camille Saint-Saëns

Camille Saint Saëns was a french composer, born on October 9, 1835. He is known worldwide for composing his outstanding symphonic poems, operas and works. Throughout his life, he was also an organist, conductor, a music critique, and pianist! His best known works are the Danse Macabre; a magnificent 7 minute long symphonic poem, and The Swan, which belonged to the Carnival of Animals.

In his early life, he was captivated by music- he started playing the piano at two and a half, and composed his first work at the tender age of three! He was considered a musical prodigy from a young age. Since then, he dedicated his life to producing breath-taking music and to inspiring people through his harmonious musical tunes.

Saint Saëns married a woman in 1875, but claimed to be homosexual. He married in order to bolster his reputation, and shield himself from the homophobic society that was France in the 19th Century.

His most famous piece, the Danse Macabre, was written in 1874 and was first premiered on January 28 1875, in the Théâtre du Chàtelet. The “Danse Macabre” stands for “Dance of Death”. It was based on an old french legend: It is said that on Halloween night, Death goes to the cemetery and plays the fiddle. This made the skeletons rise from the ground and dance for their festival until sunrise. Scan the QR codes to listen to his works!

Danse Macabre.

The Swan.

Claudia G. Y8

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