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Blame it on the 'Var'

On Sunday 10th October, the UEFA Nations League final took place. Spain played against France in the famous San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy. In the second half the Spanish forward Oyarzabal scored for Spain leaving Spain one up. Nevertheless, two minutes later the French player Karim Benzema saved France and left the score tied.

Both teams had many opportunities and countless shots but as the match was coming to an end, Mbappé scored the final goal in the 80th minute.

Spain had a few chances and almost scored another goal after Mbappé’s final goal but weren’t able to keep up and score in the last 15 minutes of the match.

However, this goal has brought up controversy as many believe that it was offside and should have therefore been disallowed. According to VAR it wasn’t offside. Many Spaniards are outraged with this decision as this goal led to the French victory. France are now the champions of the second UEFA Nations League to take place.

Gabriela P-H, Year 11

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