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Best and Worst films 2021

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

2021 has been a year full of new beginnings and returns to reality. With this, the film industry returns with many Oscar-winning movies.

Best films of 2021:

In 10th place this year is The Father, a film by Florian Zeller about dementia. It’s both a deeply frightening and moving movie which subtly places you in the main character’s head where dementia is presented through different techniques, really showing the audience how it is to live with this terrible disease.

At number 9, there’s Promising Young Woman, which was made perhaps with the #MeToo movement in mind to defend victims of rape. An Oscar-nominated and interesting film.

In 8th place we have Luca, an Italian movie by Pixar that has revolutionised the world with its ‘gorgeous parable’

In top 7 we have Free Guy, a comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, a widely beloved actor who’s character’s life is abruptly disturbed by the arrival of an ‘avatar’, a beautiful woman who’s really controlled by a nerdy gamer.

In 6th place, we have No Sudden Move, a crime-drama movie that’s been extremely popular since it’s release.

5th, we have The Last Duel, a movie set during the Hundred Years’ War with beautiful scenery and eye-gouging aesthetics.

In top 4 we have Nomadland, the movie that scooped the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actress. It has received much praise from well-known critics.

In 3rd place, Dune, starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya in this innovative Science-fiction movie.

2nd, No Time to Die. The last Daniel Craig’s James Bond movie after which he now passes on the baton. 007 returned to the screen after COVID 19 introducing a ‘man-made virus’ into their plot which seems more than appropriate.

Finally, the number 1 movie of 2021 is Tick, Tick... Boom! Set in

the late 1980s, it’s a rock Opera set in New York. It rightly got nominated for the best music themed film of the year.

Worst films of 2021:

In 5th place, The Misfits, starring Pierce Brosnan, which received a paltry Metascore of 25.

4th, we have Breaking News in Yuba County, with an embarrassing Metascore of 24 and starring Mila Kunis. It’s a dark comedy that seems to suck your soul out while you’re watching.

3rd worst film of the year is American skin. It’s a clunky, heavy-landed film which the director seems ill-equipped to handle.

In 2nd place, Music with a score of 23. It created enough polemic with its much criticised casting, but the movie itself was the cherry on the cake. Starring Kate Hudson and Maddie Ziegler, it’s been one of the most harshly judged movies this year.

Finally, number 1 in the list of the worst movies of the year goes to Vanquish, with a devastating score of 21. Starring Morgan Freeman, it’s said that even the Oscar winner can’t lift ‘this heinous material’. Oh dear!

Constanza G, Year 11

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