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An Uncertain Future: La Palma’s Volcanic Ordeal

On Sunday 19th September, there was a long-feared volcanic eruption in La Palma, Las Islas Canarias, Spain.

Lava from the volcano has been pouring down the hillside since the eruption, eliminating everything in its path; it has destroyed millions of euros worth of infrastructure and forced about 5,500 residents to evacuate.

The military and special forces have been deployed to the islands to help with the critical situation, sent by the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sanchez. He was forced to postpone a trip to New York due to the urgency of the matter.

Flights have been cancelled, tourism put on hold, and many tourists had to even be evacuated. This will have a devastating effect on the island's economy.

What is more, there's been controversy over a speech given by Spain's Tourism Minister who claimed that the eruption was `an opportunity to bring visitors to the island’ and has since faced much criticism.

The Volcanology Institute wrote a statement that more than 25,000 earthquakes had been detected in the past nine days around the volcano, the highest magnitude recorded being 4.2 on the Richter Scale.

Luckily, no casualties have so far been reported. However, until it is completely over, there is still a great amount of danger in the areas surrounding the volcano.

The volcano itself is called The Cumbre Vieja Volcano. It last erupted 50 years ago and the first known eruption was in 1949, recorded by a shepherd who was tending his sheep.

Locals are now hoping and praying for the best and for this to end as soon as possible.

Sol F, Year 11

Image: El Comercio Perú

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