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Alligators in Miami


The air in the car was stuffy. The great white vehicle meandered through the roads, circling beaches and cutting through the wilderness. Miami's rising temperatures were flaming, to the extent I felt like I was going to faint.

Miami was known for the white sand beaches, warm climate, delicious cuisine, cuban coffee and its Latin-American influences. It is the largest city in Florida and home to over 16 crystalline beaches. Miamis 460 hotels welcome over 14 million tourists per year.

We reached our first destination. There was a wooden arch, leading into the Eveglades national park. An ongoing glass tank streched behind us. It was empty, except for a few logs, floating in the water. An imposing man carrying a bucket of what looked like raw meat approached the tank and threw the fleshy,bloody muscle into the cage as two monstrous alligators leaped into the air. Their mouths sprang open, showing teeth like knifes and swallowing the meat whole.

"Follow me" said Jeff. He was a middle aged man, with a brown beard, the colour of sand. He had a pale-white scalp and cold black eyes. Jess was chunky and had the height of a hamster. The man led us over to an airboat, floating on pine-green water. There was no wall, no ceiling. Alligators could just jump at us and eat us alive!

"Are you sure this is safe?" I questiones.

"As long as you stay in the boat, I dont see the problem," Jeff answered.

"Haven't there been any accidents?" I asked as I examined the boat.

"Not in some time."

"How long is some time?"

"A few months at least!"

"A few months! Are you crazy! I'm not getting on that boat, not so that an Alligator can eat me!"

There are over 200,000 alligators in the marshes and over 10 unprovoked bites each year, 25 of them fatal since 1950. Why would anyone take the risk?

"You're coming." My dad grabbed me and shoved me onto the boat. A huge fan started spinning. The buzz of thousands of mosquitos attacked my ear as the boat started moving.

It felt like we were going at 80 km per hour! We turned and twisted when, suddenly, a 6-feet-long monster jumped in the air, opening its blood-curling jaws. Water splashes on our faces as alligators turned to face us. Adrenaline was running-through my blood as we spiralled through the marshes. And then we stopped. Cloud moved out of the sky, revealing an azure airspace. The marshes were green, filled with life. A radient, stunning lanscape was revealed.

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