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7 Series to Binge During Quarantine


Doesn’t matter how many times you watch this it’s still going to be just as interesting. You can also watch it without any order. Friends is about six friends who end up in the same building. These are their stories.

Genre - comedy

Stranger Things

Unlike Friends you have to watch this one in order, but it’s still very intriguing.

Genre - Adventure/ horror

Series of Unfortunate Events

When I first started watching this series I could not stop.

Genre - Thriller/ adventure


This is a story in which, in one way or another, something always goes wrong. Riverdale is a small town where there are lots of murders but everyone is distracted by the happy high school. Behind all relationships there are dark secrets. I recommend watching until season 2 as the rest gets kind of weird (my opinion!):

Genre - mystery

The Good Place

Every wondered what life is all about? When you die you are sent to the good place or the bad place and at first it seems as if our main characters are in the good place. But what will happen next? This series is amazing.

Genre - I don’t really know as it changes in every episode

Full House

This is a classic about three men that are left to raise three girls after their mum dies. It is really funny and you get to watch the characters growing into adults.

Genre - comedy

Fuller House

This is the next series after Full House which is ok but not as iconic as the original. It’s about how DJ, the oldest child from Full House, now has three kids and is widowed, so she moved into her old house back with her family.

Genre - comedy

Marta D, Year 7

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