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What do we love?

Year 7 were asked to talk about something they love. Here is what a few of them wrote:

Music The thing I most love in the world is music but especially the drums and the saxophone (the instruments I play) and composing my own music. I think music is amazing because if you think about it everything you do is music. Imagine - when you walk you make a beat; when you click your pen you make a beat and so on. So everything you do is music. A good thing about music is that you can take it wherever you want because you can put music on your phone or on a smartwatch. So music is absolutely amazing. Did you know that there are few activities in life that utilise the entire brain and music is one of them ; and the brain responds to music the same way it responds to something you eat. Be clever and love music! Alberto C, Year 7

Surfing If someone were to ask me what sport to do, I would say surfing because it is my favourite activity, partly because of all the movies I have watched like Rip Girls. My dad always helped me when I was a bit scared, but I always enjoyed it. I always go surfing in Marbella or in Portugal. We normally go every summer. I always check to make sure that they are no jellyfish in the area. I bought my new board in Decathlon three years ago. I take care of my board by rubbing it with wax because it gives me a better grip. My first successful time was when I was seven years old because I stood a bit and I wasn’t scared, but after five metres I fell off! I like to think that I moonwalked off the back of the board, but my dad tells a different story! Olivia VB, Year 7 

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