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What a World Lives in Me: Poem Inspired by Mental Health Week

What a World Lives in Me

It's all distinguished in many colours to represent my imagination,

Red for anger, blue for sadness, it's in the world of my creation,

Vast amounts of dormant categories lie within me,

All included in everyday life, unleashed and returned with any sort of guarantee,

Some things trigger bitter storms that flood in my mind,

Draining and leaking through my eyes,

Various actions, unwillingly, pulling a string,

Forming shapes that light up my face,

Instinct also telling me harm is rising and dashing towards my fate,

Alarming and dropping my heart, paralysing me with freight,

Sometimes my ego will shine upon others,

Ever so often jealousy invading my system being louder than five drummers,

Changes being a hard target, a few more flexible and others less adaptable,

Respect for others being lethal or you will hardly receive it yourself,

Discoveries are still to be made on my land,

Eager to hatch and possibly expand,

Surrounding me, anyone in action making my heart content,

This is the characteristic fellow souls theorise to be called a talent,

Oh what a chaotic and diverse world lives in me,

Like a bird being set free,

But so different from the others,

Though with the following aspects, we are all like brothers.

Oscar del Río Y8

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