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Warrior Cats: Where Cats Rule the Wild

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Do you like cats? If so, this is the book for you! Warrior cats is a novel series for children, full of fun adventures and stories. With six whole series and six books in each series, they will make you love reading. And, if you haven't had enough, there are still amazing super editions and novellas. Prefer comic books? There are also some mangas that you can enjoy for a while. Its amazing author, Erin Hunter, will not disappoint you.

The series is about cats that live in a forest, divided into four clans, near a river. An innocent pet cat named Rusty loves going around the border of the forest, but has never dared to go in. One evening, Rusty plays with his friend Smudge, and decides to go into the forest. The truth is, Rusty had been having weird dreams all the time of him in the forest, so he believes there must be something inside it. He walks into the forest he sees a mouse, but as he is about to pounce on it, a grey cat suddenly jumps on him. Rusty screams in terror, but discovers that the cat is friendly. Two more cats come out, and Rusty finds out that they are from ThunderClan, one of the four clans. A blue she-cat, which turns out to be their leader invites Rusty to join ThunderClan. Rusty agrees and receives the name Firepaw.

But will he really be able to survive in the wild, and leave his comfortable life as a pet? Or will he become the best warrior that has ever existed?

Dora Chen 8N

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