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Tick, Tick... Boom! - review

Tick, Tick... Boom! is an amazing musical directed by Lin Manuel Miranda, (who even made a cameo in the movie). It tells the story of Jonathan Larson, creator of musicals like ‘Rent’. Jon is a man about to be 30 years old, which understandably makes him very anxious. It makes him think he’s running out of time to be the great theatre composer he has always dreamed of. The film narrates his struggles trying to juggle dating, with friendship, with writing songs for his musical. He’s desperately trying to become famous for his songs and throughout the movie basically tries to ensure his musical gets recognition.The musical is set in 1990, right in the middle of the AIDS epidemic, which has taken many of his friends.

The movie stars Andrew Garfield who is amazing, as usual. I will watch anything with Andrew Garfield in and so this was no exception. It was the first time I’d ever seen him in anything musical, so it was a very pleasant surprise to hear him singing perfectly. I wasn’t the only person hoping he could sing well. Apparently, Lin Manuel Miranda and him share a massage therapist and Miranda supposedly asked the masseuse if they knew if Andrew Garfield could sing. The masseuse lied and said he did. As soon as Miranda left, the masseuse called Andrew to warn him that Lin was going to call him about starring in his new musical and to make sure he could sing. I have to admit I’m so glad Andrew pulled it off if I’m honest.

This year Lin Manuel Miranda has been spitting out musicals left, right and centre. This guy has produced/composed: In the Heights, Vivo, Tick, Tick...Boom! and Encanto. Make as much fun as you want of Lin Manuel Miranda but there hasn’t been a musical he’s made that hasn’t been incredible. I mean he made Hamilton, which has been on Broadway for 6 years!

This musical was supposed to have a sad ending, or at least that’s what all the reviews were saying - and by reviews I mean tiktoks of girls sobbing because of the movie - but, coming from a girl who sobs every time she watches Dead Poets Society and the Notebook, this movie was not sad. For people who don’t want to see this movie because they can’t face a sobfest, think again; I, who literally cry every time I watch a sad edit of a dance mom’s scene on tiktok, did not shed a single tear.

Overall, the movie is perfect for someone who loves musicals, as the narrative is relatively slow and the songs are actually important parts of the narrative. So, if you’re someone prone to skip songs in musicals because they bore you, this is perhaps not the movie for you, I guarantee you will miss important parts of the story if you skip the songs in this one. Although, if I’m completely honest, I don’t think you’ll need to skip the songs; they are all incredible. This is a movie about working hard and never letting go of your dream, even when you’re broke and it doesn’t look like it’s working out.

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