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The Investor Behind the New Popular Video Game: Frag

The investor and board member Alexis Bonte has invested in the company OBB which has released the game Frag and, since day one, it has been the most played game across the world. Alexis has very kindly spared his time to respond to the following questions:

Why did you start investing in this company?

I started investing in this company because I had recently worked with them on another project and as they were very successful I knew that they would do a great job with this game.

Why was it called Frag?

Because people like to see different, original names and it is a term that players use in gaming.

Did people support you when you started working with them?

Some friends supported me but didn’t think it was going to be a very good game.

Will you continue investing in the company?

I will, but as the game has turned out better than I expected, I do not think my help will be needed to help create other games.

Do you think Frag is better than Fortnite?

Fortnite is a very good game but Frag has been created to be more adaptable for phones and tablets.

At the moment, do you like the game?

With all the games I have played in my life this is one of my favourite and I enjoy playing it in my free time with my kids.

What type of people would you recommend this game to?

Probably for kids older that 11, and you need to have fast reflexes.

I really recommend the game, it is really fun and enjoyable, and really worth it!

Olympia B, Year 7

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