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'Rapture' Inspired Poetry

Year 13 students wrote their own poems inspired by Carol Ann Duffy’s Rapture.

Your Voice

Your voice, like a river,

Baptising me,

Slowly sending signals in small drops,

Running down my cheeks.

The air, like your breath,

Ruffling trees, to and fro, whispering in my ear,

Songs of love filling me with fear,

Aphrodite envying Psyche.

Wreaths of carnations,

An echo of our love.

Constanza P, Year 13


Alone, I count the days, hours, seconds,

Trace the slow, circular passage of the loading screen wheel

Chasing Hope and tracing Time

across the the hopeless, lifeless fields of Asphodel.

My mind chases its tail and swallows it

A Ouroboros devouring itself

A task fit for straining Sisyphus. She hasn’t called.

Refresh. Refresh.

Drink deep of bitter memory

Long for the Lethe

as I read my old attempts to connect.

Left me on read.

I wish the wheel broken.

I wish to hear her voice.

Refresh. Refresh.

Alvaro R, Year 13

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