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Queen Elizabeth II, the Film Star

The queen herself has never been in a movie. However, she does appear in a few short videos she made. For the 2012 olympics, which were held in London, she made an action video. She was filmed parachuting with James Bond from a helicopter! They landed where the Olympics were taking place. And for her Platinum Jubilee, she was filmed having tea with Paddington.

She, that is to say an actress who is playing her, has appeared in 100 films! Many of these are children films, for example: ‘The Queen's Corgi’, where Elizabeth's favourite corgi goes missing, and in ‘Minions’, when they try to steal her crown. She also appears in many many adult films and series, such as ‘The Queen’, which is a film about how the Queen reacted to Lady D's death, and ‘The Crown’, which is a series about her life. In 1 episode of The Simpsons, Lisa and Bart go to Krusty Camp (Krusty is a clown) but he isn't there because he us England watching tennis with the queen!

Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926. She sadly died this year on September 8, 2022, at the age of 96 having spent 70 years on the throne. It is lovely to know she will continue to be remembered through her screen legacy.

By Lola & Maria, Year 7

Image By NASA/Bill Ingalls -, Public Domain,

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