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Meet Ms Ingrey

Where are you from?

So,I'm from London.

Why did you decide to move to Spain and come to Runnymede?

My mom is Spanish so I've been coming to Spain during my holidays to visit my abuelos and my family for many years but I had never lived here. I really enjoyed Madrid whenever I visited, as a city. And I chose Runnymede because I have friends that have worked here or are still working here and also one of my really good friends from university studied here and so I'd heard about it and heard it was a good school and that’s why I chose to work here.

What university did you go to, what did you study and why?

I went to UCL and I studied pharmocology because I was interested in the way that drugs interacted with the body, specifically the nervous system, which is what my final year was all about really.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy reading, running. I used to do climbing before Covid so I'd like to get back into that, as well.

You are the Head of Biology. Tell us about your thoughts on climate change?

Climate change is very scary. It’s going to be affecting people in more ways over time and in quite a short space of time. I think to really combat it, it’s got to be an effort from political leaders. Obviously, turning off the lights and things like that is helpful but until its more of a worldwide issue from above, then its going to be difficult to combat. I think because political leaders are more focused on how they can get votes to stay in one term to the next, they’re not really thinking about climate change as much as they should be, so it's quite scary.

Do you like to travel? If so, where have you been?

I do like to travel. The majority of the traveling that I did was when I moved to Australia and I worked in Sydney. I taught there for a year and a half or so. On my back from there, I went via Japan, I was there for about six weeks and then I also went to south-east Asia. I went to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and I really enjoyed that but I think my favourite place is probably Japan. I want to see more of Europe. I've seen bits of France,I cycled to Amsterdam, and I've been to Italy but I'm really looking forward to traveling around Spain now that I'm here.

What interesting things have you seen and learnt being a teacher?

Oh, wow, seen and learnt? I've learned a lot about myself being a teacher. I've learned I can be more resilient than I thought I was, and I don't give up as easily as I would probably have done before teaching. I think what I find interesting about teaching is that it doesn't really matter where the children are from in terms of their backgrounds. Children generally, when you teach them, are all very similar and you can enjoy it wherever you teach.

Why did you decide to be a teacher?

I didn't decide to be a teacher really. I finished university and I didn't know what I wanted to do. I knew I didn't want to work in a lab doing research, which is what the majority of people would do with my degree because I like working with people and I like talking to people more. So, there was a graduate scheme called 'Teach First' which was initially two years and then from there you got a teaching qualification but you could also go off into lots of different other careers but by the end of the two years I realised that I really enjoyed teaching and so I'm still here now! So, it was by chance.

How are you settling into Runnymede? I am definitely settling in. It was quite difficult at first. I think it is always difficult when you start a new school, just learning where things are and what happens when. But, everybody is really friendly, both students and the staff, and so that’s made it really easy for me.

Anything important that you have seen, read or want to share? A couple of years ago I read a book and listened to a podcast by the same woman. Her name is Reni Eddo-Lodge and she wrote a book which is called: Why I no longer speak to white people, about race. I can't remember exactly what her podcast is, but if you type in Reni Eddo-Lodge podcasts you'll be able to find it. I think that is a good book to read and a good podcast to listen to.

Do have any interesting skills?

I don't know if this is that interesting, but, probably you wouldn't expect that I'm quite good at knitting and crocheting.

How many languages can you speak?

Two, I speak Spanish and English.

Do you like music? If so, what kind?

I love music! What type is a really difficult question. I like a broad range of music. There's very few that I don't like entirely. What would I usually listen to? I probably listen to music from the Noughties from when I was growing up. And I probably listen to hip-hop mostly.

Interview by Mia G, Year 8

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