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High Stakes and Unknown Words: Runnymede’s Annual Spelling Bee

Before Half Term, the English department decided to organise a Spelling Bee for years Seven, Eight and Nine. It took place on Friday afternoon at 3:00 in the hall. The competitors, a girl and a boy from each house, were given a word and had to spell it out loud. If the spelling was correct they were still in the competition but if not, they unfortunately couldn’t continue. If both pupils from the same house misspelled a word, they were both out of the game and the house was eliminated. The last house standing after each round won points as well as a prize. The pupils in Austen did particularly well, as they defeated many of the other teams.

The Spelling Bee was amusing, as everyone was silent while one of the students was spelling each word, hoping that the answer was right or wrong. Some words were very challenging, and many people didn’t even know what they meant or that they

even existed!

This was such a fun activity, well done to everyone who took part!

Olympia B, Year 7

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