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Avinash Sukhwani and Payflow: an Old Runnymedian in the Startup World.

Earlier this month on the 18th of November, senior school pupils had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with old Runnymedian Avinash Sukhwani, through a zoom call.

Punctuated by impromptu questions, Avinash recounted his academic and professional story concluding in his most recent personal achievement, the founding of Payflow. Achieving very promising grades in his 6 A-levels at Runnymede (physics, chemistry, biology, maths, further maths and additional further maths), he went on to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge where he completed an abroad year at MIT and even took courses (portuguese) at Harvard. After completing his degree at Cambridge, he decided to pursue the MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering at Imperial, from which he moved on to a professionally successful career.

He first entered corporate business as he joined BCG (Boston Consulting Group) as a strategy consultant. He joined a team that aimed to solve the company’s problems and forecast good moves for the corporation. The job entailed a lot of travelling and therefore after a few intense but enriching and fascinating years, he moved closer into the startup world by joining Rocket Internet, a company headquartered in Berlin. The company builds online startups and owns shareholdings in various models of internet retail businesses.

Thirsty to start his own entrepreneurial adventure, he joined Benoit Menardo and began working on Payflow. Backed by Rocket Internet, they released the platform in Janaury 2020. Payflow allows employees to instantly collect the portion of their salary corresponding to how much they have worked, not having to wait until the 30 day mark. Companies are sold this mobile service as a perk employees that can request a part of their salaries as soon as they need it. They have generated 1.6 million euros after their first funding round, a number emerging to be even more impressive during a pandemic. Over 30 prosperous companies are already using the fintech company’s innovative social benefit.

Runnymede students are excited to see what is next for the ex-Runnymedian. Thank you Avinash!

Article and Illustration by Federica D, 13 OD

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