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Anti-bullying Week

This November, Runnymede marked Anti-Bullying Week by celebrating our uniqueness with Odd Socks Day.

More than 45% of young people will experience bullying before the age of 18 with 6% of all young people having experienced bullying on a daily basis.

Anti-Bullying Week is an annual event held by the ABA (Anti-Bullying Alliance) with the aim of spreading awareness about this issue as well as drawing attention to ways of preventing and dealing with it.

​This year’s Anti-Bullying week ran from the 12th-16th of November with the theme ‘Choose Respect’, dealing with the top priority of showing bullying as a behaviour choice and encouraging children to opt for respect when dealing with their peers. 

​One of the key events of the week was Odd Socks Day. All the students taking part wore odd socks in order to encourage individuality and uniqueness as well as show support for victims of bullying. Another key initiative of the organisation was the Stop, Speak, Support day, focusing of cyber bullying and promoting respect online.

​Angelica O, Year 11 

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