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A Treasure from the Deep

It is not often that we are able to see intact objects from the ancient times, especially those as far back as Ancient Greece. However, an Anglo-Bulgarian team of Archaeologists have found what is believed to be the world’s oldest intact shipwreck. Lying undisturbed for 2,400 years this trading vessel has been discovered some miles away from the Bulgarian coast. Lying under over 2km of water, the lack of oxygen found in the water of the Black Sea has preserved it intact.

This type of vessel, depicted in vases and other ancient artefacts is similar to that used by Odysseus in Homer’s epic poem written near the end of the 8th century BC. Moreover, the 23-meter vessel could still be hiding some precious ancient objects due to its incredible state of preservation (traces of food eaten by the sailors are still present on deck). This finding is something archaeologists “could never have believed possible” and will shed new light on ancient technology and trading routes. The vessel is one of 60 discovered by scientist in the area. The team that discovered it, led by the University of Southampton, included scientists, archaeologists and GCSE students from disadvantaged schools.

Angelica O, Year 11

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