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A Beautiful Prank

The street artist, Banksy, decided to pull a joke on one of his costumers last week. One of his spectacular paintings seemed to have been ruined after it had been bought for £1.4 million, an unexpected surprise which happened at Sotheby’s Auction House in London. The painting, a girl with a balloon,  a spray paint on canvas, was the last piece at Sotheby’s ‘Freeze Week’ contemporary art sale.

​This joke was sold to an auctioneer, Oliver Barker. After it had been confirmed that he was the owner of the painting, there was a noise a bit like an alarm. After this noise everyone turned around and faced the painting . The picture had slipped through the frame .The painting was situated on a wall next to the Sotheby’s staff members, and it had was found to have been shredded by a mechanism behind the frame.

This art work has changed our perspective about how we act and our understanding of art. This beautiful prank has made history and will not be forgotten. Olympia B, Year 7

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