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Why We Make Art

Art is an important part of being human. We have the ability to create, to design, modifying our surroundings but also having the curiosity to make everything seem appealing. There are many possible reasons and explanations as to why humans make art. Thinking about it, we have adopted the word “art” and given it its own meaning, which means something different to everyone. For me, art is everything.

Oxford defines it as being “the expression or application of human creative skills and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”. In my opinion, there are various branches of creative, and not so creative, activities that result in art. Because, what is creativeness? What outcomes can be considered beautiful? Why do we use these abstract concepts to determine the interpretation we have given to art?

The truth is that we make art without even realising it. We are often too focused on doing things right, and not doing things we love. We are too busy focusing on the small picture, rather than looking at the whole canvas. It is completely impossible to explain why we do something. Everyone has their motives. But art is everywhere. Nature itself, literature that has been conserved for ten thousand years, or the letter that your 3 year old son has written, speaking up for rights and privileges.... Are all art. We paint, draw, write, read and still are judged on; what is correct and what is wrong, what we should repeat or undo, and what is beautiful or not.

The truth is, art should not be justified. Art is art. For some beautiful, for some not. We have to understand that making art, for many, is essential. We were born to do so. Art is valuable for society, inspiring and stimulating for the human mind. We will never agree on what should and shouldn’t be considered art, but the sooner we understand that art surrounds us everyday, and is a symbol that will last forever, the better.

Marina M, Year 13

Image: Guernica, Pablo Picasso: Reina Sofia

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