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Team Runnymede

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Team Runnymede is a program organised by the school to give an opportunity to take part in sports a few times a week. The main activities that are included in the Team Runnymede structure are: Athletics, Volleyball, Rugby and Football. The school also added Judo a few years ago, as well as the Ski Team and a mini Surf section.

The activities in Team Runnymede are available for Years 4 and over. Years 1-3 who want to do some extra sports, have an extra sports activity called Academy which includes Volleyball, Athletics, Rugby, and Football, all in one.

The trainings for each of these sports are during school days, except for the Ski Team which gets together every few weekends. Some of these sports trainings do not take place in the school grounds, and to benefit from the best sport features the school buses bring the athletes to their training location and back to school for pickup. Every level from beginners to competition level athletes are welcome to participate.

All the information on the Team Runnymede trainings are on the school website, under the TEAM RUNNYMEDE section. If you require any information that is not on the school website (link at the bottom of the article), you can talk to the head of the sports department, Mr Rodriguez, the technical director, Mr Petregal, or Mr Manuel Powell.

Hopefully, this article has convinced you that you want to take part in Team Runnymede trainings. Be part of the team, ask your parents to go on the school website and click the TEAM RUNNYMEDE section, you will find a form to join the program. Due to Coronavirus, the school has added protocols, they can also be found on the school website, in a lot of detail.

Margot Lantrade 7I

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