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Sporting and Cultural Events in the Pandemic

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has put our lives upside down. Sadly, lots of events have been cancelled but there are also some events for which extra measures have been taken for them to continue. Some of them are worthy of discussion.

Junior Eurovision 2020:

Junior Eurovision is a song contest where 20 countries (varies) with singers from 8-13 years old compete to win the title. While everyone is used to the usual Junior Eurovision where thousands of people gather at one arena and enjoy the show... This year due to the circumstances several changes are being made.

  • It will be held on Sunday November 29 in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, after the country’s victory in 2019.

  • Only 13 countries are participating compared to last year. Here are the following countries which are participating.

  • It will be staged remotely in studios where countries will perform.

  • They will use similar stage lay out and technical set up.

  • It is the lowest number of competing acts since 2013.

While it will be remote we will still have a show. I am looking forward to it although it is sad that the adult Eurovision got cancelled, hopefully we will be able to see that next year.

Roland Garros:

Roland Garros is a major tennis tournament which is held in Paris in the beginning of May. However, it was postponed to 27 September - Oct 11 with some note-worthy changes:

  • Obligatory masks for personnel.

  • The competition was not open to the public but was shown of live TV.

Personally, I think tennis is not a big problem, as the players are relatively distanced. However, as much as everyone tried to follow the measures there were still some cases at the tournament.

Results : Rafael Nadal defeated Novak Djokovic in the Final with a Score of 0-6,2,6-5,7

By Mika, 9W

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