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Mobile Phones

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Mobile phones have been the topic of an endless argument. From the first Motorola in 1983, to the latest iPhone X, they have been constantly evolving. Ever since the invention of the first phone, there has always been the thought: are they good, or are they bad?

One could argue that phones are the worst human invention ever created. Although some people have phones for a beneficial reasons, most of the population use them for entertainment, such as games, shows, etc. Statistics show that there is a 61% mobile gaming usage in 2018, compared to the 25% in 2011. Many users now deal with their phones inappropriately, as it was first thought that phones should be deployed for calling and contacting others. If you only play games on it, then it is not fulfilling its initial and most important function, and many companies have recently started to develop what they call ‘hardcore gaming phones’, which is to say, phones just for entertainment and gaming.

Another problem phones cause is addiction. More than 25% of respondents in a recent survey said that they 'almost always' use their smartphone during a meal or during a party. In addition, many users are hooked on their phone, with the result being some shocking statistics:

70% check their phones in the morning within an hour of getting up.56% check their phones before going to bed.48% check their phones over the weekend.51% constantly check their phones on holiday.44% said they would feel very anxious and irritable if they did not use their phones within a week.

These statistics show just how addictive mobile phones have become for humans. Many people could not live without their phones, and they constantly feel the urge to use them. If you do any of these things, make sure you regulate the amount of time spent on your phone.

However, although phone are portrayed as addictive, and antisocial, many can have a really beneficial use. One example is accessibility. You could easily contact whoever you want by simply calling or messaging them. Moreover, reading the news has never been more accessible. Just by tapping on one app you can access all the world’s recent events. These sorts of things were never possible in such an easy way before smartphones were created. Thanks to them, we can now access a vast range of websites and applications that can all be stored on a phone no larger than wallet.

Another useful feature phones bring is leisure and entertainment. Now all touchscreen phones allow us to install games, series, etc. These apps are perfect to pass the time relaxing, and also provide you with entertainment.

In conclusion, I strongly think that mobile phones are in general a beneficial accessory. They are used for contacting people, leisure, and entertainment. However, if used excessively, it could cause many problems, such as addiction. Phones should be used in moderation and with regulation.

Marco F, Year 9

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